Where are you located?

We are located on the water in Rock Harbor Marine next to the Blue Moon Waterfront Grille- this is connected to the Cumberland River.

Do I need paddle boarding experience to rent a paddle board?

At Paddle Up Nashville, we cater to first-timers all the way to seasoned paddle boarders. The only requirement is that you MUST know how to swim if you plan to rent a paddle board or take any SUP classes or lessons from us.

What equipment does my rental include?

Your rental rate is all inclusive — you will be provided with the appropriate sized paddle board, a paddle, and lifejacket.

Equipment upgrade is available for additional price.

Do I need to sign anything beforehand?

All of our customers must have a signed waiver with us to rent paddle boards and take any paddle boarding classes or lessons. You can sign up online here or fill it out at the shop (minors must have a parental/guardian signature).

How old do I have to be to paddle board?

Paddle boarding is a great exercise for all ages.

Please let us know if there are children under 13 coming and if someone weighs more than 250lbs. This will help us provide the proper equipment.

Paddle boarders under 18 MUST have an adult present when out paddle boarding. A guide from Paddle Up can be a chaperone, but will be charged as an extra person. Please make note in advance if a chaperone is needed.

Do I have to wear a life-jacket?

State law requires that a life-jacket must be present on the board with you.

Children under 13 must wear a life-jacket.

Can I share a board with my friend?

Our paddle boards can only hold a maximum amount of weight. If a smaller child wishes to be on a board with an adult, that is perfectly okay. Please make a note if that is the case. However, two adults are not able to share boards. Each person must rent their own board.

Can I bring my dog with me?

We have “woof boards” at Paddle Up Nashville that are just for our furry friends! Please make a note if you plan on bringing your dog along with the size of the dog.

Can I bring my own paddle board or kayak and launch from you?

Rock Harbor is a private marine. It is marina policy that we cannot allow people to bring their own boards and launch from us. There is a public dock called Cleeces Ferry about a mile down where you can launch your equipment.

Can I swim in the water?

There is a large harbor where you can swim, sunbathe, or just relax on the board. Swimming is also allowed on the river, but you must not be blocking the entrance of the harbor or be in the way of oncoming boats.

Can I dock on the shore?

Paddle boards are VERY fragile and prefer ONLY water. Rocks, floating debris, and banging of other boards can cause dents in the boards. Any damage to the equipment is the responsibility of the user, including replacement and repair cost.

What wildlife will I see?

You will most likely see fish jumping out of the water, sunbathing turtles, and large water birds standing by the banks.

What is your cancellation policy?

There are no refunds at Paddle Up Nashville. All purchases are final.

What if there is bad weather during the time of my paddle board reservation?

If it is raining out, that is perfectly okay!

The only time you are unable to paddle is if there is thunder and lightning present. If there is bad weather at Paddle Up Nashville, you will be contacted by us and you will receive a credit towards your next paddle for the same amount.

What should I bring?

Change of clothes, towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, croakies, and hat. Restrooms and showers are available at Rock Harbor Marine. Paddle Up Nashville shop sells basic accessories and PUN apparel. We are also a professional SUP outfitters store.

What should I wear?

You may wear whatever you want that you don’t mind getting wet such as a swimsuit, board shorts, etc. Footwear is a MUST to wear to get from our shop to the dock. UV protective clothing is recommended, but not required.

Do I have to make a reservation?

A reservation is not necessary. We accept walk-ins as long as we have enough boards to accommodate you and your party. However, a reservation will guarantee a board for you upon arrival.

How do I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation at paddleupnashville.com. A reservation MUST be paid in advance to guarantee boards for you and your group. We cannot reserve boards without payment.

Is there a group rate?

For groups of 8 people and more, the rate goes down to 18$ per person per hour. The only way to get this rate is to make a RSVP in advance.

With larger groups, there must be one banker who pays the full amount in advance in order to lock down your boards and receive the group rate. Please have payment ready as well as the number of people, the date, what time, and how long your party plans to paddle. Please call 615.571.0708 or email neil@paddleupnashville.com to RSVP your group.