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Guidelines for the Care of your Rental Board

In an effort to better educate the SUP community and our renters, we have put together this short list to minimize extra charges when boards are returned damaged:

1. Your board(s) should never touch the ground, docks or basically anything but water unless placed down VERY carefully.

2. Treat your board like it’s made of glass. Not a plastic kayak.

3. Boards must be reloaded in the same orientation as they were loaded at the shop. Fins to the sky and over the hood of the vehicle. Failure to do this can cause board(s) to fall off or get damaged during transportation.

4. Excessive hitting of your board with your paddle WILL cause damage to the board’s rail.

5. Always be careful of shallow water as your board and its fin need a minimum of 18 inches of water to float and not hit the bottom. Hitting the bottom will likely damage the board and/or its fin.

6. Allowing boards to hit other boards while on the water will likely cause damage to the boards.

7. Never use the shock/bungee cords on the boards to lift the board or to get back on the board. This can and will likely break.

8. Never over tighten the transportation straps. This will cause damage to the board rails and possibly your own vehicle.

9. Use the buddy system when loading and unloading from the roof, one at the tail and one at the nose. This will prevent wind gusts from catching the board or throwing a single person off balance and the board crashing to the ground.


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